Election 2019: Readers’ Letters of Endorsement

The following letters of endorsement were submitted to NewCanaanite.com. ***

I urge the re-election of Brendan Hayes for the Board of Education. A Democrat with broad bipartisan support, Brendan was elected BOE Chairman last year by a 7-2 vote, including 4 of 6 Republicans. Brendan works hard, is a patient and thoughtful listener, and has the analytical skills one would expect of a highly successful investment banker. He’s a confident and effective advocate for New Canaan’s schools.

Letter: First Selectman Candidate Craig Donovan Has ‘Balanced View of New Canaan’

I turn on the TV or read an article and if it is something related to Washington, D.C. I quickly become disgusted. Hyper partisanship and everything that ensues from it is a destructive force, whether it is in Washington or the halls of the capital in Hartford. In this increasingly divisive environment, I hope that most will still consider the individual and not just the party affiliation. 

It is in this context that I support Craig Donovan. Craig has a balanced view of New Canaan. He recognizes there are many things great about our town—the charming downtown and open spaces, the parents who are highly invested in their kids’ education and a core group of generally excellent teachers and administrators, the friendliness of most people, among other factors—and there a number of things that need to be improved.  Namely, transportation, budget transparency, strategic planning, and fiscal spending.

Incumbent First Selectman’s Re-Election Campaign Raises More Than 10 Times Challenger in Three-Month Period [UPDATED]

First Selectman Kevin Moynihan’s re-election campaign raised more than 10 times the amount his opponent did in the most recent reporting period, records show. The incumbent Republican’s campaign raised $39,625 in contributions from individuals during the three-month period ended Sept. 30, compared to $3,575 for Democratic challenger Craig Donovan, according to the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission. 

Moynihan’s campaign received 135 individual donations during the period, compared to 34 for Donovan, according to a SEEC Itemized Campaign Financial Disclosure Statement filed Oct. 10. 

Moynihan and Selectman Nick Williams on Sept. 8 held what campaign officials called a successful fundraiser to kick off the re-election season.