Letter: Re-Elect Moynihan-Williams


Editor, New Canaanite,

We all love New Canaan and want to preserve its rich heritage and historical charm. We have worked hard to provide a top-ranked educational system, an abundance of organizations, activities and amenities for people of all ages. Continuing pressures from Hartford have placed us in a precarious situation. Efforts to remedy the financial distress have resulted in increased taxes making it even more difficult for businesses to expand. Companies, jobs and retirees have all left for more tax-friendly states.

I am privileged to have worked with Kevin Moynihan over his four years on Town Council and two years as first selectman and with Nick Williams for 11 years, as vice chairman and chairman on the Board of Education and as a selectman. They are well trained attorneys, experienced in solving complex problems, have keen intellects, and a sound understanding of the Town’s complex financial systems.

The town has made great strides in controlling costs, maintaining a flat budget, paying down and refinancing debt and maintaining a Aaa rating. Kevin has been hyper-focused on addressing commuter issues and green initiatives, including bringing solar energy to our community and expanding availability of natural gas resulting in significant future energy savings. We need to attract young families willing to invest in our community, increase our tax base and reverse the decline in property values. The Moynihan-Williams team has the skills and experience to meet these challenges.

Judy A Neville, Former First Selectman
Secretary, Board of Finance

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