6 thoughts on “‘A Big Loss’: P&Z Commissioner Jean Grzelecki Steps Down after 30 Years

  1. Thank you Jean! You have provided invaluable service to your community and we can only hope that your level of consistent dedication, commitment and service provides a great example to the next wave of volunteer leaders. You are a shining example of what makes New Canaan such a great place. Kudos for the positive impact you have had on our community!

    • Jean’s service in the P&Z Commission was the greatest gift to the town.
      I was happy and privileged to sit with her during part of her three decade term and learned from her wise counsel, balanced advice and having her support. Her patient commentary and unbiased leadership resulted in leading the Commission to consensus in its decisions.
      Thanks Jean! I wish you happy retirement in good health and happiness.

    • Hi Laszlo, Thank you for submitting your comment regarding Jean Grzelecki. I have a “gate” set up on these comments threads to ensure that everyone is using a real, verifiable name, and to make sure they’re not trolling or posting falsehoods (such as some people have done in the past to our Facebook page, resulting in bans). It means I need to approve each comment manually, so I check the queue throughout each day. Your comment was approved 9 minutes after it was submitted. Thank you again.

  2. Jean,
    You are sorely missed already!
    I always admired the way you adhered to the letter of the POCD and explained it over and over again, to the public and even to other commissioners.
    Now that you are a member of the public, feel free to comment on issues, please, using your expertise and clear thinking.
    Take care of yourself and know we are thinking of you.
    Fondly, Mimi

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