7 thoughts on “Full Disclosure: The Email That Launched a Thousand Emails

  1. Oh no! I had no idea! Joanne Rocco is a legend! Our family spent 10 glorious years with our 3 girls at South and it was nothing short of perfect! Thank you Ms. Rocco for your tireless efforts to create such a wonderful elementary school – you will be sorely missed!

    PS – another great article Susan!

  2. Susan, what a beautiful tribute to a truly amazing woman! We have been lucky to have her in the district. She leaves big shoes to fill!

  3. Thank you for this lovely piece honoring Joanne Rocco. Thank you also for sharing your “Joanne Story”. Mrs. Rocco was a huge help to our daughter and our family during our years in the South School community. She is a big reason why we know how special South is.

  4. Principal Rocco will definitely be missed.

    She has always been supportive with and responsive to my questions and concerns. And that is an understatement.

    And I told my kids, I can’t believe she is out there opening doors of cars for kids in the morning. I don’t remember my principal doing that growing up.

  5. Ms. Rocco was a great principal. My daughters loved their time at South. They still remember the South School clap and song. We wish her the best in the years to come.

  6. Miss Rocco is the best! Happy retirement! Enjoy the next chapter of your life. ❤️ Love, Harshbarger family

  7. As a fellow educator with many years at South School, I have always held Joanne Rocco in the highest regard whether she is running a staff meeting with humor or leading our Crisis Advisory Board to help keep our schools safe.
    She is always present in the hallways of South School visiting each classroom almost every day. God bless you Joanne….you will be sorely missed!
    Love, Wendy Dixon Hilboldt

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