7 thoughts on “Full Disclosure: Unknown Caller

  1. This strikes a nerve! I do not answer any unknown numbers anymore. One time the call came in from Waveny Care Center and it was a telemarketer! What lame business model suggested that I would buy ANYTHING from someone who tricked me into taking their call?

  2. Preach! I am Truly hashtag blessed to have Xfinity at home, they have built in scam software and I have Yet to receive a spam call at home. That being said, however, if ASHLEY ever calls me again about my car warranty (on a car I havent Owned if five years), I may Toss Siri out the window. I also dont have a lot of love for Laura, who can get me lower rates on my credit card. Thanks but not thanks. Stop the madness!

  3. Susan, I look forward to your publications. You are spot on, totally relatable and your writing style, fabulous!

  4. Another hilarious and spot on article! It’s as if you read my mind. Somehow I made it on China’s most wanted list. Thanks for making me laugh again and again!

  5. So TRUE- I picked up a call of a number that I knew- thinking it was my good friend and it was just a cover number for some awful scam- I can’t believe they can use someone else’s number as the caller ID. Crazy times! Your article is spot on and hilarious as usual!!!

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