Investigations: House Guest Accused of Stealing Cash, Forging Checks


Police are investigating a complaint lodged by two 28-year-old New Canaan men that a woman stole cash and forged checks in their names while staying in their home.

On or about April 7, the roommates told police, a mutual friend came to stay temporarily at their home. Then, one of the roommates noticed $300 in cash missing from his room, and when confronted the woman guest told them she didn’t take it, according to a police report. After that, the roommate started noticing unusual activity in his bank account.

Specifically, he had a $100 check pending that he didn’t write, and noticed that a total of five checks had been written in his name. In all, between the roommates, $530 in checks had been written to the same people.


A 54-year-old New Canaan man told police that his Bank of America card had been charged $840 for purchases he never made. The bank has reversed the charges, according to a police report, made between March 2 and 28. One of them included a “foreign transaction fee” of $7, the report said. The man reported the activity to police at 3:03 p.m. on April 13.


Police are investigating multiple reports of fraudulent tax filings in the names of town residents. They include a 52-year-old Wahackme Road man’s complaint that someone with his Social Security number attempted to file a tax return in his name, and a 45-year-old Silvermine Road man’s complaint that the IRS had flagged a fraudulent return filed in his name after the resident already had filed his taxes.

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