6 thoughts on “‘It’s a Neighborhood’: Local Optometrist Marks 35-Year Milestone at New Canaan Eye Associates

  1. I love Rick Crolla and his office staff. Everyone is so professional as well as helpful and friendly. New Canaan is lucky to have such a great business such as Ricks in our town!

  2. The Sawicky and Crollas have been around New Canaan for a very long time- a really great family! Congratulations on 35 years.

  3. I too love Rick and Barbara as does our whole family. I started in real estate the same year Rick started his business and he has been like family ever since. Every realtor in town knows how much Rick loves to talk about real estate and he knows everything there is to know not only about real estate but also the town. Residents new to the area get a real education as he is a great ambassador as well as a trusted professional!

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