14 thoughts on “Jehovah’s Witnesses Seek To Set Up Cart for Personal Ministry in Mead Park

  1. Thanks Mike for bringing this request to your readers attention – I was not personally aware of it so it was news to me. As P&R engages lawyers to review this request, it would be a good opportunity to also review the 20 person limit on pre-permit gatherings in parks – I am not sure that is uniformly enforced.

  2. Mead Park is a Town Park. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are a religion. No mixing of Church and State, especially active ministry in Town Parks that we support with our taxes.

  3. I am strongly against bringing sales and marketing into our parks in any form. Religion first, and then maybe the NRA can set up a booth? If I wanted to learn more about Jehovah’s Witnesses , any other belief or product, I will seek out that information on my own. Same can be said about exposing my children to them. Please don’t continue down this woke-ish path.

  4. They have a right to free speech, yes, but does that include stationing a cart on a regular basis? I mean, free speech could be individuals standing there with pamphlets. I certainly would prefer not to have to go by the cart just to get to and from the playground.

  5. Apparently door to door ministry work by various religious groups– mainly the Witnesses and Mormon groups is still quite legal, I’m not sure why they would be looking to change their proselytizing habits. Any private sales or promotions at parks should be reviewed as the article indicates to see what the law is. I’ve seen lemonade stands set up at Irwin Park which may be harmless but is against the rules governing the parks.

  6. No thank you. If you need membership to your church maybe think about why your membership is dwindling. It certainly isn’t because people don’t know about you. I remember growing up (outside of CT) being constantly harassed by the Jehovah’s witnesses practically every weekend in our home and it wasn’t pleasant. Please don’t turn our parks into an unpleasant place.

    • Proselytizing should not be allowed in town parks or on public property. Temporarily or permanently. It’s bad enough to be accosted on the streets by the Jehovah Witnesses. I’m an ex New Canaanite but still love my home town.

  7. Please don’t allow this. As Mr. Woerz states, if people want to learn more about this religion (or any other), they are free to seek out that information for themselves.

  8. Who the heck is running this town. We have contractors who think they can build anything they want and ravage our town, we have tree huggers ( all 100 of them) who are telling the rest of use, that saving a crappy old library ( for 2.5 million dollars) is a good idea, a first selectman that was the only person stupid enough to think moving the police station was a good idea ( for an extra seven million) and now a bunch of religious freaks who want to save us from ourselves. What’s next. Our town leaders are useless. Who’s going to save us from them. God help us all.

  9. In the mid-1980s NOW (national organization for women) requested space for a similar setup to recruit members in the Westfarms Shopping Mall. When the owners refused the courts granted the request. Immediately, the Ku Klux Klan demanded equal treatment. The court ruled they couldn’t be turned away. When they appeared at the shopping mall in sheets trying to sign new recruits a riot ensued. The town’s counsel should look this over carefully. What is being proposed is recruitment and marketing, not speech. I served as public relations counsel for the mall’s owners, Taubman, Inc..

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