5 thoughts on “Large ‘School Start Times’ Committee To Convene in October

  1. I am in 100% agreement with Krista. I appreciate her comments and I am encouraged to hear the discussion is continuing with the formation of this committee.

  2. We are now going through a lot of work and creating a lot of angst because a few folks are very vocal and unable to enforce proper bedtimes for their high school age children.

    • Peter – I absolutely felt the same way since my children aren’t yet in high school. However, once I read the research, letters from local pediatricians and the recommendations from the major medical groups my viewpoint changed as I learned that teens have a biological shift in sleep patterns changing the sleep-wake cycle. As a result of this change, even if teenagers went to bed earlier, most would have difficulty falling asleep because their body isn’t telling them they’re tired. Certainly, good sleep hygiene and bedtimes are still important, but our current school start times for 7th-12th grades mean that most teens cannot get the necessary 8-10 hours of sleep for optimal learning and development based simply on biological sleep/wake cycles. Given that many teens report getting significantly less than 8 hours of sleep each night I think it’s a very worthy effort that many parents are encouraging the district to change start times for the health of our students. Even one more hour of sleep would really improve the health and well-being of most teens and enable benefits from the numerous emotional health/wellness programs that our district already funds. We all know how performance and health is affected by chronic sleep deprivation and sleep/wake cycle shifts is not something our teens or parents can control.

  3. Thanks. What was edited out….we raised three children in New Canaan who attended the high school. All of them turned out absolutely fine.

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