Letter: Endorsing John Amarilios for Democratic Registrar of Voters


I am pleased to endorse John A. Amarilios for the office of New Canaan Democratic Registrar of Voters. An Attorney, John was raised in New Canaan, has long been active in the political life of New Canaan and for the past two years, has served as a petitioning third Registrar, due to a quirk in Connecticut law. No other person could be as well prepared for the office as John.

The office of Registrar now requires completion of a two year certification program. During those two years, John has availed himself of every training opportunity, completing the required two year certification program and will soon be fully certified by the Secretary of The State. He is a member of the Registrars of Voters Association and its Fairfield County Chapter, serving as their representative on the Association’s Legislative Committee, and has attended a number of ROVAC Conferences. He has also participated in a number of specialized training classes put on by the SOTS. He is fully prepared, and is ready to assume the position of Democratic Registrar if nominated and elected.

When I attended last weekend’s Democratic Convention I was humbled by the number of current and past candidates, friends, Registrars, Legislators, and Secretary of the State staff members that remembered and greeted me. First elected in 1994, I worked extensively for the Registrar of Voters Association, serving 15 years on the Legislative Committee, working on Election Day Registration and Voting and on the development of the Centralized Voter registration System used by all Registrars, two years as Vice President and then as president of the state association, and as a member of the Legislatures Commission selecting and implementing the voting technology we now use.

But my first commitment has always been the people of New Canaan and especially, the Democratic Party of New Canaan. A third generation New Canaan Democrat, it seemed natural to follow in the steps of my Grandfather, who served as Democratic Registrar from 1917 until 1947. From 1956 and the Stevenson campaign, to my job as the manager of the Kennedy/Nixon mock election at Saxe Middle School, to my favorite election in 1964 when Johnson carried New Canaan, through my service on the DTC through the 70’s and 80’s, as an elected Constable from 1976 til 1984 (?), as a candidate for the General assembly in 1984 (?), as an election moderator and Deputy Registrar until my election in 1994; I have met so many more people than I can remember or thank.

After 22 years, I have decided it is time to hand over the position I have been honored to serve the voters of Connecticut, working with four Secretaries of State, legislative leaders of both parties, and on two State Commissions. I have always tried to bring the spirit of cooperation to my office. While I will remain active in the party, I am confident that I will be leaving the office in good hands.

Please join me in welcoming John, and in offering all the support and assistance that an increasingly complicated job requires … like volunteering to work at the polls for the August 14 primary.

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