Letter: First Selectman Candidate Kevin Moynihan Has ‘Character and Competence’


I urge my fellow New Canaanites to join me and elect Kevin Moynihan our first selectman.

Why is he best suited for the job? I cite two key reasons: character and competence.

We all want our elected officials to be of good character. But what does that entail?

I have known Kevin for many years through our activities in the Exchange Club. (We’re the guys selling Christmas trees in Kiwanis Park.) The club’s focus is raising money for local charities, with a focus on preventing child abuse. This cause is close to his heart, and every weekend at Christmastime, in all kinds of weather, Kevin is out there with fellow club members helping families to make their holidays joyous, and supporting children and others in our community who are in need.

Kevin is also on the board of Getabout, a group dedicated to helping the infirm and elderly live their lives to the fullest. These efforts, among others, demonstrate a man deeply concerned about all members of our community—especially those most vulnerable.

This is the character we need in a first selectman.

As to competence, his legal background and success as a town council member, with his policy focus on improving our cell service—vital to all our safety—and parking, which will enhance property values, show a can-do person with vision and drive, working with others to keep our town the best.

We need Kevin Moynihan as first selectman.

John J Kriz

5 thoughts on “Letter: First Selectman Candidate Kevin Moynihan Has ‘Character and Competence’

  1. Mr Kriz writes “We all want our elected officials to be of good character” as a reason to support Kevin Moynihan. Yet, Mr. Moynihan proudly served as a Trump delegate to the RNC last year, promoting a man that most would agree is woefully lacking in “character”. Despite all the good works and service that Mr. Moynihan may have done in New Canaan, his early and eager support of Mr Trump indicates that he is not a judge of character himself and thus, for this Republican voter, disqualifies him for serving as First Selectman in New Canaan.

    • Dumbest reasoning I have ever read Michael. But your support of Danal Malloy who has destroyed our state and property values you consider brilliant.

      • I guess, not surprisingly, that Roy CPA forgets Republican governors Rowland (2 time convicted felon) and Rell (“do nothing Rell”) — or was that all fake news?
        Michael Reed makes some very valid points.
        More Republicans trying to run things? No, “it’s time for a change.

  2. I never supported Dannel Malloy (corrected spelling). I am a registered Republican and can’t recall ever voting for a Democrat. However, Mr Kriz’s letter touted Mr Moynihan’s character. People of character, when given a choice between 16 Republican Presidential candidates, do not support the one most lacking in character as Mr Moynihan did. That profound lack of judgement (or naked political opportunism) by Mr Moynihan is disqualifying for him to serve as New Canaan First Selectman.