Letter from Board of Ed to Public Schools Faculty, Staff and Administration 


As this school year comes to a close, we want to celebrate and thank each of you for your extraordinary efforts these past fifteen months. We could never have imagined how much the world would change during this period of time or the countless ways you would adapt and evolve the educational experience to support our students. We are immensely proud of all that you have accomplished this year. Thanks to your compassion, professionalism, and courage, our students had the opportunity to spend almost all of their school days learning in person this year. Additionally, the strength of your relationships, your trust in one another, and your commitment to our students positioned us well to address these challenges with confidence and resolve. 

Guided by the district’s robust COVID operating plan, you reinvented and digitized daily plans and schedules, redesigned classrooms and lunchrooms, communicated with families regularly, and adjusted to a myriad of new teaching platforms, technologies, and building protocols. Change and uncertainty were among the few constants this year, and you managed through it all with imagination, courage, and a whole lot of patience. We watched how you navigated this new world as our students followed your lead with resilience and flexibility. We know your journey was not without hardship and exhaustion. Yet, you showed up every day and were there for our students – counseling, coaching, healing, troubleshooting, and encouraging – all while managing your own personal lives and families. 

You have forever impacted and improved the lives of a generation of New Canaan students. We thank you for your tremendous and tireless efforts this past year on behalf of the entire New Canaan community. You are all heroes in our hearts and minds. 

We wish you a summer filled with rest, reflection, and special times with family and friends. 

New Canaan Board of Education 

Katrina Parkhill, Chair 
Brendan Hayes, Vice Chair 
Jennifer Richardson, Secretary 
Dionna Carlson
Carl Gardiner
Bob Naughton
Penny Rashin
Sheri West 

[Note: The Board of Education released this letter to the press June 21.]

2 thoughts on “Letter from Board of Ed to Public Schools Faculty, Staff and Administration 

  1. Beautifully said! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the heroes that filled our classrooms, hallways, lunchrooms and offices that made it possible for our children to be in school. Forever grateful.

  2. “Thank you, Katrina, Brendan, Jennifer, Dionna, Carl, Bob, Penny, Sheri and all of our wonderful teachers!

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