Letter: Closing of Mackenzies ‘A True Loss’


As one of the previous owners of Mackenzies, I want to express my deep sadness at the closing of this treasured iconic store in New Canaan. Actually, I can’t really imagine the town without this beloved shop.

Dan, Jim and I lovingly operated Mackenzies for nearly 14 years, along with loyal employees Judy, Susan and Tom and our faithful golden retrievers Tango and Tahoe. Although there were certainly struggles along the way, we enjoyed every one of our days there and were so grateful for the warm relationships we developed with our customers and the community.

Dan’s circumstances changed and as Jim and I were getting older, we felt it was probably time to move on, so we made the very difficult  decision to sell the store 18 months ago. We hoped that new owners would enjoy the same longevity and success that we’d had.

Sadly, it didn’t work out that way, and its’ closing is a true loss for both young and old in New Canaan.

I wish owners Heather and Sieh all the best in their future and want to take this opportunity to once again thank all the Mackenzies customers for helping to make it one of the happiest and sweetest spots in town.

Warmest regards,
Phyllis Weinstein

One thought on “Letter: Closing of Mackenzies ‘A True Loss’

  1. We have great memories of stopping by MacKenzies after church every Sunday to pick up the New York Times. We hoped to get a parking spot close by because everyone else was doing the same thing. There were bundles of newspapers stacked up and down the aisles. Our son loved the tradition because he always got a treat. That was in the 80’s and early 90’s. Later it was always the place to get the last minute school supply, a greeting card and wrapping paper, a magazine and always a stop at the candy jars. Very sad to see the end of this beloved New Canaan institution.

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