Letter: Taxpayers Seek Candidates’ Stances on Full Saxe Expansion Prior To Election Day


Dear Editor:

As New Canaan taxpayers, we are requesting that the candidates for office make their stance on the Saxe expansion known prior to Election Day. In the absence of a formal debate by the first selectman candidates and because the Board of Finance has delayed the formal vote on the issue until after the election, we believe that the voters have the right to know where each candidate stands on this critical issue prior to Nov. 3.

We are requesting a simple yes or no answer to the following question: Will you support the full project* to renovate and expand Saxe Middle School?

We are asking that each candidate for First Selectman, Selectman, Town Council and Board of Education make their response known to the New Canaanite by Oct. 26. We are not asking for a white paper on the various issues that confront our town but rather a simple statement about your stance on THIS project. Residents on both sides of this issue deserve to know where the candidates stand.

We hear our elected officials speak every day about the need for transparency and accountability in government and we are asking them to live up to these standards prior to us casting our ballots on Election Day.

Thanks in advance for letting us know where you stand.

Rob and Meghan Cioffi

Mike and Maureen Axon

Jen and Larry Belodeau

Mike and Stefania Bopp

Shawn and Noel Brennan

Ned and Jen Burns

B.J. and Jack Casey

Mike and Karen Charlton

Kimberly and Chris Connors

Doug and Lauren Corbett

Kristin and Tom Dolan

Eric and Renee Fill

Sally and Peter Finnican

Lou and Christen Garcia

Jen and Jeremy Goodman

Scott and Susan Gress

Betsy and Jack Hellman

Peter and Melissa Jones

Caryn and David Kelly

Ryan and Janet Lee

Meredith Lincoln

Mark and Steffi Loomis

Aileen and Michael Mastey

Bradley and Alicia Meyer

Sharon and Al McClymonds

Shane and Anne McMahon

Matthew and Susan Morse

Michael and Sherri North

Phil and Jody O’Donnell

Katrina and Homer Parkhill

Robert and Heather Rechtermann

Margaret and Jeremy Saunders

Peter and Jennifer Tchir

Claire and Chris Tiscornia

John and Anne Waldron

Brian West

Marnie and Jon Zaffino

*The full project is defined by the plans set forward by the Board of Education at their October meeting and presented to the Town Council on October 21. These plans put the total costs of the project at $18.6 million and a net cost to the town of $16.8 million.

One thought on “Letter: Taxpayers Seek Candidates’ Stances on Full Saxe Expansion Prior To Election Day

  1. BOE — Minions — the world will not come to an end –I think we know were everyone stands — Oh by the way if my house value goes down 10% So what — it went done 30% the world of NC did end
    News flash it’s not real money — only when you sell — is it real
    when our taxes go up it real MONEY — if you push people out the inventory goes up prices go down — you keep people in their homes inventory goes down prices go up

    Enough of the SCARE TACTICS — we are not going to
    spend 12 million on what the BOE had in their capital plan which was 4 classrooms at a cost of $650m — and if you faith in their numbers you are not as bright as I give you credit for —
    Saxe was 1377 back in 2002-3 Did they ask for 12 mil then – NO the 7 th grd class 375 students the biggest class in Saxe will be in the HS in 2017-18 the class behind is 308 – 67 students
    This you may not Know Darien BOE doubts NESDEC number !
    They say Dariens birth rate is going down — they say our is going up — must be something in the water — Kindergarten came in -14 below projections — And get this who do you think inputs the data for their projections the NCPS — go to their web site and look at the forms they have to fill out — BOE said it isn’t clear why NESDEC projections are far off. One day their off another day their the word of GOD — I think their a lot of things to look at
    If you are in a rush to spend my money it is a BIG red flag
    to me

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