Letter: Newly Elected Town Council Member Kenin Thanks Voters

Dear Editor,

I am still basking in the post election glow and it feels great. Thank you to everyone who came out to the polls on Tuesday. We should all be proud of the fact that a new record was set with the highest number of voters in a non-Presidential election. More people are listening and focused on our local issues. More people are taking the time to research the issues at hand.

Letter: Campbell Thanks New Canaan for Town Council Re-Election

Dear Editor,

I am very pleased to have been re-elected to the Town Council and I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of you who supported my campaign. While I received 2,100 votes, I feel I represent more than that —all 17,000 residents of the Town. As I said during my campaign, I subscribe to basic Republican principles, but I have no way of knowing what issues will come before us. I commit to listening to all sides of a debate, then making a judgment as to what represents the best interests of the people of New Canaan. That fact that you asked me to represent you again is testament to me that you agree with this manner of analyzing issues.

Board of Selectmen Re-Elected as Voter Turnout Ticks Up; RTC-Backed Candidates onto Town Council

New Canaan voters on Tuesday re-elected First Selectman Rob Mallozzi by a wide margin, as nearly 30 percent of eligible voters cast ballots—an indicator of strong turnout compared to recent odd-year local elections. Mallozzi garnered 2,841 votes against petitioning candidate challenger Michael Nowacki’s 276, according to Town Clerk Claudia Weber. A total of 3,674 eligible voters cast ballots, according to Weber (herself the highest vote-getter in the election). Incumbent selectmen Nick Williams, a Republican, and Democrat Beth Jones also were re-elected with 2,194 and 1,331 votes, respectively. “I am delighted with my margin of victory,” Mallozzi told NewCanaanite.com.

Election 2015: Voter Turnout, Comments from Candidates

Nearly 30 percent of eligible voters had cast ballots in local elections when polls closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday, following a day that saw candidates for offices including Town Council greet constituents at the middle and high schools through a clear, warm day and chilly evening. Here’s a table showing total votes cast in recent local election years:


And here’s a table that NewCanaanite.com will update regularly, showing voter turnout in New Canaan hour-by-hour:


Contested races this year include Republican seats on the Town Council, with five GOP candidates vying for four seats—Ken Campbell, Steve Karl, Christa Kenin, Cristina A. Ross and Roger Williams, a petitioning candidate and incumbent—and first selectman, with incumbent Republican Rob Mallozzi seeking re-election, and petitioning candidate Michael Nowacki running independently for the highest elected seat in town. Karl stood outside Saxe Middle School late Tuesday morning, and when asked how he felt about how things were going, said: “I feel great. The weather is great. Lots of friends and family supporters out.

Did You Hear … ?

It’s Election Day, and the League of Women Voters of New Canaan created this one-page Web guide for local constituents, including a Voters’ Guide to the Candidates, New Canaan 2015 Sample Ballot, Voting District Map and Absentee Ballot Information. ***

We’re hearing the Gridiron Club made another outstanding choice for this year’s “Fall Guy.” It’s New Canaan’s own Keith Simpson, noted local landscape architect and civic-minded volunteer, who currently serves with the New Canaan Beautification League, Waveny Park Conservancy, Pop Up Park Committee and Plan of Conservation & Development Implementation Committee, among other groups. ***

Police received a report last week of a distressed animal at Whiffle Tree Lane. At about 10:13 a.m. on Oct. 27, the police department’s Animal Control section arrived at the residence to find a small animal caught in an elbow of a gutter.