Letter: ‘Thank You’ from God’s Acre Christmas Caroling Committee


While the carols and the Christmas Eve gathering remained the same, this year marked a changing of the guard in terms of leadership for the annual God’s Acre Christmas Caroling. 

A century ago, when John E. Hersam, then publisher of the New Canaan Advertiser, along with other members of the Town Band, invited friends and neighbors to God’s Acre for Christmas Eve Caroling, he likely had no idea he was helping to launch one of the quintessential New Canaan traditions. Thus, at the start of this year’s Carol Singing, it was fitting that V. Donald Hersam, and the entire Hersam family, was publicly thanked for their 100 year stewardship of this wonderful community event. 

With the sale of the Advertiser to Hearst last fall, the Hersams have transitioned stewardship of this annual event to a new God’s Acre Christmas Caroling Committee. We are each honored to help carry on this amazing tradition. 

Even though this is a free event open to all, there are annual costs associated with hosting it. This year we want to thank Tim Brown, from Brown Thayer Shedd Insurance, for stepping forward to underwrite construction of the bandstand and Rand Insurance for underwriting the cost of the song sheets provided that evening. We thank each individual and local family who sent in donations to help defray the costs. We have established the “God’s Acre Christmas Caroling Fund” at the New Canaan Community Foundation with the goal of building up a fund capable of ensuring this tradition continues in perpetuity.

We thank everyone in the community for your participation and invite you to support our efforts moving forward. We’ll see you again on December 24, 2019 and every year thereafter!


The God’s Acre Christmas Caroling Committee
Tucker Murphy, Scott Gress, Steve Benko, Tom Stadler, Steve Karl and Leo Karl III

One thought on “Letter: ‘Thank You’ from God’s Acre Christmas Caroling Committee

  1. Thanks to the Committee for stepping up. The Christmas Eve caroling is the best of a number of wonderful local traditions.
    Hazel and Mike Hobbs

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