Letter: ‘The New Library Will Make New Canaan a Better Place’

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Dear Editor,

I’m a 6th grader at Saxe Middle School and a Boy Scout.  I’m also working on my Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge.

One of the Merit Badge requirements is to pick a local issue and find out what I can do to help.  I picked the new library in town, which I know is being talked about a lot in New Canaan.

I have learned while working on this that there are people who support the new library and people who don’t, both for good reasons.

I myself support the new library because of the many features it will contain including the new teen center, a permanent design lab, the expanded public meeting spaces and the outdoor park, which will be really nice downtown.

In summary, the new library will make New Canaan a better place to live, both for kids like me as well as everyone in our town.  I encourage readers to support this worthwhile project.

Aidan Prostor
New Canaan

5 thoughts on “Letter: ‘The New Library Will Make New Canaan a Better Place’

  1. Aiden, Thank you so much for your enthusiastic support of the New New Canaan Library. You’re right! It will make New Canaan a better place for everyone who lives here. You and your fellow students are our town’s future and we want you to have a library that meets your needs and is a place you all want to go to learn, explore, and hang out! We Library supporters are so grateful for your terrific letter. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Aidan! We are giving it our all to create a fun place for you and your friends to meet! I am so grateful for your thoughtful words and support. Your enthusiasm is infectious!

    Ellen Sullivan Crovatto
    Director of Development

  3. Wow Aidan — thank you for your letter and your support and enthusiasm! I agree that the new building and Library Green will make New Canaan a better place to live! It is a project that benefits ALL the citizens of New Canaan and gives them opportunities to learn, gather and build a stronger community.

  4. This is a well-written letter, and thank you for writing it. I actually haven’t met anyone who is against the “new” library, so I don’t know if their reasons are good ones. But I have met a LOT of people (of all ages!) who are completely against tearing down the 1913 Library in the process. “Build the new, preserve the best of the old.” PS/ good luck with your Merit Badge!

  5. Aidan – Thank you for your thoughtful comments and enthusiastic support. You have expressed the sentiments of Library users of all ages, who are eager for the many advantages the new Library will offer – from the children’s and new teen spaces to the design lab, additional public spaces and beautiful outdoor park. It will, indeed, make New Canaan an even better place to live. Well said!

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