7 thoughts on “Moynihan on New COVID-19 Cases: ‘Our Bubble Has Burst’

  1. I just want to say I’m working with the CDC on looking at pediatric cases of Covid across the country and if you saw the data about these young kids, I think most of us would get on the prevention bandwagon. So heartbreaking to see little kids suffering so…

  2. I’d like to know how many of the “cases” are actually: 1) showing symptoms, 2) sick enough to feel bad, 3) require medical assistance, 4) require hospitalization, 5) die, or 6) are fine.

    • The problem is, to my knowledge, there is no way to predict the course of the disease, the severity or outcome of the disease. We apparently only know that those with other health conditions like diabetes, asthma etc. are at higher risk of a more involved Covid-19 disease progression. And even that isn’t written in stone.

  3. My thoughts on Covid and young people
    I was in New Canaan on Elm Street the other day and witnessed approx 10 thirteen yr old young males outside the Movie theater congregating in close contact-NO masks!
    The schools can do as much as they can BUT parents need to be more involved and stress the importance of mask wearing and social responsibility.

  4. Too bad that the information is so limited. The severity of the illness is what should dictate policy. Unfortunately, all the states seem to have a policy that is not weighted on risk based factors like age and race. In reality, the young school age population has the least number of issues, especially if the kids have no medical issues.

  5. Agree with all the comments but what I find concerning is that we are learning this information via the press (thanks Mike) and Dr. Luizzi in addition we received an email from the YMCA. Doesn’t this strike you as odd that we have now have 53 families in quarantine, 4 young people positive and we haven’t had an update from the OEM? Now is the time for an update from OEM with the facts, status on contact tracing as well as reminding everyone to wear their mask in public.

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