5 thoughts on “Superintendent: Second Positive COVID-19 Case from NCHS

  1. NCPD should enforce the mask mandate with fines. Too many kids downtown not wearing masks. Not to mention the drinking parties that happen on the weekends. Those fines should also be enforced. No one wants to go back into lockdown.

    • People tend to forget how isolation works: If there is a student with positive COVID 19, those who have had prolonged contact have to go into quarentine. Those people could include other students, teammates, coaches and family members; all who will have to miss work or school, sports activities etc.

  2. It is time to enforce the fines for not wearing masks in public to protect the community. The gatherings outside Gofer ice cream are large and close in contact with young people not wearing masks. The hug e seating is now expanded to the sidewalk and you cannot walk on Main Street without coming in close contact with these students.

  3. It’s a shame that these kids are not taking this seriously enough. Can be seen all around town — Starbucks, Gofer, Zumbach’s. Presumably it’s the example they are getting at home from their parents. If they want to return to some sort of normalcy and continue to go to school with their friends this year, then they should understand wearing a mask and keeping group gatherings to a minimum is necessary at this point in time with no vaccine available or herd immunity reached. Not even October yet, and 2 positive cases and 55 people quarantining from the high school alone, not to mention their family members. The latest figures can be found on the Board of Education website: https://sites.google.com/ncps-k12.org/chartingourcourse
    I’m not one for big government oversight, but if it takes a fine to get someone to wear a mask, then so be it right now. This is a unique time in history and we need a collective response to keep the community safe and out of another lockdown.

  4. I agree that many of our teens are gathering without masks, as these replies indicate. I also see large numbers of dining patrons outdoors. This is allowed, and once you are at your table, no mask is necessary. So, you are all in the clear, and I won’t argue for fining these people, as you are withing your rights. I just thought that a town as civil as New Canaan would have more people who’d put their mask on when the server approaches the table. People have been breathing on their servers (who do wear masks to protect the diners) since outdoor dining has been allowed. These workers go back to their homes and families. They matter too. “We are all in this together”, right? Signed, a former bartender and waiter.

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