Letter: ‘The New Library Will Make New Canaan a Better Place’

Dear Editor,

I’m a 6th grader at Saxe Middle School and a Boy Scout.  I’m also working on my Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge. One of the Merit Badge requirements is to pick a local issue and find out what I can do to help.  I picked the new library in town, which I know is being talked about a lot in New Canaan. I have learned while working on this that there are people who support the new library and people who don’t, both for good reasons. I myself support the new library because of the many features it will contain including the new teen center, a permanent design lab, the expanded public meeting spaces and the outdoor park, which will be really nice downtown. In summary, the new library will make New Canaan a better place to live, both for kids like me as well as everyone in our town.  I encourage readers to support this worthwhile project.