Letter: Tom Butterworth for Town Council


Editor, New Canaanite:

New Canaan is fortunate to have Tom Butterworth running for Town Council. I have known Tom for more than 30 years, both as a co-worker and partner at Hewitt Associates and as a local resident. Tom’s background as an attorney enables him to think carefully through issues. After retiring from Hewitt, he worked in financial planning. Tom is an engaging, intelligent person with a terrific sense of humor who works effectively with others.

Tom regularly attends the Advertiser and the New Canaanite coffees, learning about the issues in New Canaan and the views of other members of our community. He knows the local scene well from his years of residence here, participation in the Gridiron Club’s annual roasts, and as a leader of the Town Players of New Canaan, where he has served as a director, a producer, and an actor.

Tom’s broad ranging talents and various activities give him a fresh outlook and new ways to connect with people and address the various needs and problems we have.

I believe Tom will make an excellent Town Council member and urge you to vote for him at the Republican Caucus.

Dave Hunt

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