Letter: Kevin Moynihan Facilitated Natural Gas Agreement with Eversource

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Being part of commercial interests that see clear and long term benefits to bringing natural gas to town, I know firsthand the influence Kevin Moynihan had in facilitating a deal with Eversource with the town of New Canaan.

There is now a pending deal and much of that is due to the efforts of Kevin Moynihan. I know this because I was part of that effort in meetings with Eversource this year. Kevin’s focus and leadership, along with his pragmatic, no-nonsense approach is exactly what we need in our town’s leadership and this is why I am supporting Kevin Moynihan for first selectman.

While I do not know all of the details of the previous deal with Eversource and why that fell apart, what I do know is that virtually every other town in Connecticut, including surrounding ones, somehow managed to work out a deal.

We are the only town that missed it.

What we don’t want to happen moving forward is to stumble with some of the other major issues and opportunities we face in this town, like cell phone coverage, commuter parking, fiscal transparency, etc. We cannot afford costly missteps. Let’s elect Kevin, someone who can employ the necessary leadership and vision to navigate us through the challenges we face.

Paul Stone

Karp Associates Inc.

11 thoughts on “Letter: Kevin Moynihan Facilitated Natural Gas Agreement with Eversource

  1. Not surprising at all that a Trump surrogate (Moynihan) has his surrogates out spreading lies and fake news. This is one of the most incredible claims of responsibility I have ever seen.

    Did Moynihan build Rome too? I’ll bet this guy and his other supporters would say so. #nevertrump

  2. We’re looking for progress and Kevin is the right man for the job.
    Too often multiple term town elected employees become complacent and it’s Time for Change.

  3. Now I get it. Moynihan signs on all Karp properties around town. Moynihan was a huge proponent of Merritt Village Apts (even though Mr Karp threatened the town with an 830G Affordable Housing application if his demands weren’t met) and now Moynihan wants to turn our village into a Transit Hub–I bet Karp gets first shot at that project!

    What else did our current First Selectman accomplish that Moynihan wants credit for? The track reconstruction at NCHS? Or is he busy trying to get everyone in New Canaan to turn on each other with his “Suit” and “Townie” labels?

    We should be uniting against this kind of divisiveness and none of us should fall for the “fake news” Moynihan and his supporters are trying to spread (and let’s call “fake news” what it is–lies and deception).

  4. Kudos to Kevin Moyihan for making this deal although I’ll believe it
    when Eversource starts digging. It was December 17, 2013 when Mr Mallozzi and Mr Williams announced a deal with Yankee Gas and I quote:

    “This is historic,” said First Selectman Rob Mallozzi III. “This is like bringing the train tracks to downtown New Canaan.”
    Selectman Nick Williams described the memorandum as “a roadmap to, eventually, a contract between this town and Yankee Gas with respect to providing natural gas services to town buildings and to residents of New Canaan.”

    Hopefully this deal is more buttoned up and we are soon on our way to getting the “train tracks”

    • Moynihan didn’t make this deal. Think about it.

      If he was actually involved in getting this done why did he spend almost $3,000 for a full-page ad in the paper mere days before the deal was completed? Moynihan played no part in this. Don’t fall for the falsehoods his supporters are spouting.

  5. I have been a “townie” for 59 years. Can Mr. Moynahan please tell us “townies” what he means by that?
    In all of my years living in this town, never have I seen such a divisive person running for first selectmen. He sounds so Trumpian to me.
    Mike 58

    • Good Morning : Please lets “Stop” the name calling. Using words like : Townie, Fake News, Trump Surrogate, His Lies etc.is bringing us all down. All of us love New Canaan. Our former First Lady Michelle Obama Said ” When they go low we go high” Let’s not fall prey to what is happing in Washington DC at this time. We all have a chance to make New Canaan even better. We are fortunate to have talented residents that are willing to step up and offer there expertise and talent. Lets not get trapped by selecting someone to represent and lead us by Party. Vote for the person you feel in your heart you can trust and will move New Canaan forward.
      If you are stepping up to lead our town tell us your vision and plan, We do not want to hear personal snipping, twitter ranting , nasty innuendos, inappropriate comments , words or name calling. The highest elected office in the world is in turmoil. Many people were so angry with Washington DC that they were willing to compromise values, dignity, class and safety. The real name of our town is ” New Canaan Residents” If we keep that in mind and we all win.

    • Yes, I do. And I work in New Canaan. I was involved in negotiations with the gas company and was able to witness first hand Kevin’s lead and positive influence on bringing service to the town. If something is good for the town, why wouldn’t you, or any other resident, be in favor of that? I could live in Alaska and that shouldn’t matter. Your point seems to be a diversion from the discussion.

      Paul Stone

  6. Is the gas line going up 106 and under the RR bridge?

    Has anyone contacted Level 3 communications – a strategic part of their World Spanning Fiber Optic Network runs up Route 106 and into New England and then across the Atlantic. Are they comfortable with the risk of the gas pipeline running parallel to their key communications line?

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