Butler Lane Man’s Complaint Opens ‘Airbnb’ Discussion on P&Z

Town officials say they’ll examine the New Canaan Zoning Regulations in light of one resident’s concerns about a popular online rental-by-owner service. According to Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman John Goodwin, “there is a disconnect” in applying the regulations to Airbnb. “It’s definitely an item to discuss,” Goodwin said at P&Z’s May 29 meeting. He referred to an email from Butler Lane resident Dave Hunt that NewCanaanite.com obtained following a formal request. According to Hunt, it’s “quite disconcerting to have transient, total strangers in a very much family-friendly neighborhood.”

“They park overnight on the street illegally, and we have had several vehicles driving over the curb on the edge of our lawn—though I can’t say that any have been her customers, the frequency of problems has risen since she started running the Airbnb,” Hunt said in the letter.

Letter: Republican Town Council Candidates Are ‘Excellent’

Editor, New Canaanite:

We are fortunate to have four excellent Republican candidates for Town Council. Penny Young has been a major contributor to the town for many years. She brings institutional memory with a deep understanding of our town government. Penny has always been a strong proponent of fiscal responsibility in government. Tom Butterworth’s background as an attorney enables him to think carefully through issues.

Letter: Tom Butterworth for Town Council

Editor, New Canaanite:

New Canaan is fortunate to have Tom Butterworth running for Town Council. I have known Tom for more than 30 years, both as a co-worker and partner at Hewitt Associates and as a local resident. Tom’s background as an attorney enables him to think carefully through issues. After retiring from Hewitt, he worked in financial planning. Tom is an engaging, intelligent person with a terrific sense of humor who works effectively with others.

Letter: Christa Kenin Has the Right Work Ethic, Temperament for Selectman

I am writing in support of the candidacy of Christa Kenin for selectman. Christa is a very bright and energetic person who really gets things done. She has garnered great praise as a talented, dynamic, and hard-working member of Town Council. I was pleased to have significant first-hand experience with her ability when the Charter Revision Commission presented its draft report to the Town Council for their consideration. As a Town Council member, Christa really took her responsibility very seriously, dug into the whole report, and did a lot of high-quality homework of her own, reviewing our proposals and challenging our conclusions.