Letter: Christa Kenin Has the Right Work Ethic, Temperament for Selectman


I am writing in support of the candidacy of Christa Kenin for selectman.

Christa is a very bright and energetic person who really gets things done. She has garnered great praise as a talented, dynamic, and hard-working member of Town Council.

I was pleased to have significant first-hand experience with her ability when the Charter Revision Commission presented its draft report to the Town Council for their consideration. As a Town Council member, Christa really took her responsibility very seriously, dug into the whole report, and did a lot of high-quality homework of her own, reviewing our proposals and challenging our conclusions.

Ultimately, she did not agree with one of our recommendations, which was the only one which the voters failed to pass.

During the whole process Christa was always able to disagree in an agreeable manner and work constructively with the issues. I very much respect her ability to form and defend her own views, while maintaining a constructive attitude.

We need much more of this positive approach in politics.

I heartily endorse Christa and urge all Republicans to attend the July 18th caucus and vote for her.

Dave Hunt

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