Meet Charlie Hobbs, Summer Intern


What follows is a short question-and-answer session with our summer intern, Charlie Hobbs.

Charlie Hobbs. Credit: Michael Dinan

A fourth-generation New Canaanite, Charlie graduated this year from St. Luke’s School and is headed in the fall to Vassar College.

He earned the internship from among a competitive pool of outstanding applicants following an interview and test assignment.

Charlie’s articles have already started appearing on the site and he will contribute to the site through the summer. He has won a journalism award at the Oxford Tradition summer program and graduated St. Luke’s as a member of its Cum Laude Society.

Here’s our exchange:

New Canaanite: Give me a little background about yourself. Are you from New Canaan originally?

Charlie Hobbs: Yes, I was born in Greenwich but I’ve lived in New Canaan all my life.

How old are you?

I’m 19 years old.

And you graduated from St. Luke’s when?

This year, on June 2nd.

And you’re headed where?

To Vassar College.

Why Vassar?

Because I really loved the community that is fostered that I saw when I went there. New Canaan, I love how small it is and how it’s a community, and so I really wanted that in my college experience, as well.

Tell me a little about your interest in journalism.

It began when I did a summer program a couple of years ago, where I studied journalism. Where the end goal is to create a magazine and that was a really transformative experience for me. So ever since then, I’ve been writing for my school newspaper.

And what are your responsibilities with the St. Luke’s Sentinel?

I was actually in charge of the ‘Storm Style,’ which is a fun little weekly thing about who is best dressed, working within the dress code. Stuff like that. I also wrote pieces covering Fashion Week and I wrote play previews all the time for the theater program.

And you were active in the theater department as an actor?

Yes, I was.

And is that something you are taking with you to Vassar, too?

Hopefully, yes. I hope to do one show a semester.

And what about in terms of the town? I think for some of us, we know people who live in the town and they attend St. Luke’s, so we’re kind of like, are they around town? Do I see them? Tell me about your involvement in the town and what kinds of things you like to do around New Canaan.

In New Canaan, I have worked at Hobbs Inc. before, my dad’s company. I am here all the time. I love Rosie, the restaurant in New Canaan. And Green and Tonic. I love being around this town because it’s such a nice little area.

So Hobbs Inc. is your family’s company. So you are what generation New Canaanite?

Fourth generation.

So tell me about community news specifically. Because ‘the news’ is a big field. But what you are doing this summer is covering the town where you grew up. Is that an interest of yours, or something that sort of just want to see how it goes and works?

I haven’t done it before, so I definitely want to see how it works. Right now, I can say that it’s becoming more interesting to me as I hear you talk about it. It’s definitely something I find interesting.

What are some things that readers should know about you or will know about you as they see you around?

That you can tell me anything. I am very open and I think I’m a very kind person. If you ever want to say ‘Hi’ to me, I’m here.

2 thoughts on “Meet Charlie Hobbs, Summer Intern

  1. New Canaanite is so lucky to have Charlie as an intern this summer.
    An amazing young man. I look forward to reading all his articles this summer.

  2. Hi Charlie, my dad Ronnie Bassett worked for Mike Hobbs Sr from about 1956 until he retired in 1996 ish. My brother Greg worked there for a time.

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