Local Businesses and COVID-19: Connecticut Power Yoga


Connecticut Power Yoga. Photo courtesy of Aimee and Tim Elsner

For today’s Q&A with a local business owner, we hear from Aimee and Tim Elsner of Connecticut Power Yoga. The Burtis Avenue business is offering virtual yoga as well as outdoor classes. 

Here’s our exchange.

Connecticut Power Yoga. Photo courtesy of Aimee and Tim Elsner

New Canaanite: You opened the New Canaan location of Connecticut Power Yoga months before the COVID-19 virus hit. What has this all been like for you and Tim as business owners?

Aimee and Tim Elsner: Well, it was amazing when we first opened. The space and people are beautiful. This time has been very challenging. 

What had the response been from locals to having Connecticut Power Yoga right here in New Canaan before the restrictions were in place, and how have things changed in terms of demand, if at all, since then?

We had several local New Canaan residents who came to our Stamford location. This was one reason we decided to open in New Canaan location. Since we have had to close our physical doors, we have kept our classes online and our community has taken advantage of that. We have decided, for right now, keeping classes online and outdoors will keep everyone safe and best serve our community. 

Connecticut Power Yoga. Photo courtesy of Aimee and Tim Elsner

What do you offer for people who really want an in-person yoga class experience? 

We currently have five outdoor classes on our schedule and our students can use any packages they had or purchase the same packages now. They are currently located in Stamford’s Mill River Park and we will be announcing our outdoor options in New Canaan soon. We also have created Om at Home where we will come to your home and provide yoga to a small group. 

Connecticut Power Yoga. Photo courtesy of Aimee and Tim Elsner

What sort of feedback are you getting on virtual yoga offerings? 

Our students enjoy the virtual experience. It’s almost like walking in our space with conversation, connection and laughing. Our teachers do a combination of teaching directly to the students which has also been wonderful. 

What would you like local people know about you and your background, the inspiration behind Connecticut Power Yoga and the classes themselves. 

Connecticut Power Yoga was created as a way for people to connect to themselves and connect to others. Baptiste Power Yoga, which is what we teach at our studio gave me my breath back after dealing with Breast Cancer 11 years ago. It was such a gift and spreading the methodology especially during this time is so important. Yoga exists way beyond the yoga mat and using breathing, meditation and movement can help ease anxiety and stress.

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