Data: New Canaan Has 7 New Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Virus 


New Canaan as of Monday had seven new confirmed cases of COVID-19 virus, data show.

As of Friday, New Canaan had 172 confirmed and three probable cases, according to data on file with the Connecticut Department of Public Health. 

On Monday, the total number of confirmed cases stood at 179, according to figures available on the DPH website.

It’s unclear how the virus was transmitted, whether the new cases represent town residents, whether or how the new cases are related to each other, whether there’s a risk of wider spread in New Canaan, when town officials became aware of the positive tests, whether and how they planned to inform residents or whether new safety measures are to follow.

First Selectman Kevin Moynihan could not be reached for comment. 

In his most recent town-wide outcall, from last Wednesday, Moynihan noted that an employee of the New Canaan YMCA’s nursery school had tested positive for the virus. It’s not clear whether the first selectman had information on the additional new local cases of the virus at that time and, if so, why he withheld the information during the update.

It’s also unclear what kind of risk the new cases pose to the wider community, how many may have been exposed or whether the risk will affect New Canaan’s phased reopening, well underway. 

The town in April reopened public parks for trail-walking and, following the governor’s guidance, reopened outdoor dining at restaurants, and then retail shops and partial indoor dining. Other facilities in New Canaan, such as Waveny Pool, are reopening under new restrictions. 

The new cases represent the first uptick in virus activity in New Canaan since the widely criticized ouster of Mike Handler, the town’s longtime emergency management director. 

10 thoughts on “Data: New Canaan Has 7 New Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Virus 

  1. Hi Mike, Can you tell me how many dead? And why is testing suspended when a surge is happening in the country? Thank you for this important information.

  2. Mike, thank you for reporting this important information. Maybe you should call us with updates??

  3. Why is testing suspended when we were initially told that everyone who wanted testing could get it? There are those who may be asymptomatic but who need to know so that they don’t unwittingly infect grandchildren or elderly parents, among others. Regarding the 2 who tested positive but then tested negative twice, were these false positives? Also, has any contact tracing been done? Let’s not fall victim to a false sense of security since clearly there is still Covid-19 present in the community.

  4. It’s actually 10 new cases since our last communication from the town: up to 179 from 169 on 6/28 (seven of them were reported this past weekend), plus the three probable. And for perspective, these cases would not reflect any potential cases from the 4th of July weekend, which aren’t likely to show up for another week or two. So if we’d had a call/email last Friday letting us know about the three new cases as of that day, there’s a chance some people would have chosen to exercise more caution over the weekend. I know that several people emailed the Board of Selectmen about these concerns prior to their meeting this morning, and other than by Kit Devereaux, those emails and concerns were roundly dismissed.

  5. On June 29, 2020 our neighbors in Wilton had 5 new covid cases. By that afternoon it rose by another 2 cases:

    As of July 2, 2020 Wilton’s First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice gives nightly covid updates. On Monday, July 6th Governor Lamont paused Phase 3 reopening in Connecticut due to the surge in covid cases in other states and a rise in hospitalized patients with covid in Connecticut.

    Who is in charge of our OEM these days and why can’t we get timely updates? Remember it all started with once case in New Rochelle.
    Mike D. thanks for being on top of this.

  6. It is time our board of selectmen step up and give us needed information and wishfully bring back Mike Handler whose absence is a scar on this community. We are all in the dark and anxious about the steps we need to take as individuals and as a community. If you are too busy to do this as a priority, please ask for volunteers from the community to do this. I know many of us would step up to fill the void left after the poor choice of dismissing Mike Handler. Perhaps he could lead an all volunteer committee.

  7. Why hasn’t the First Selectman updated us w this info – 10 new cases and how many deaths that were not reported to us since Mike Handler’s removal?

    Residents want this information on a timely basis so we can adequately plan – especially those families w at risk people to think about.

    Why hasn’t the First Selectman found a replacement for Mike Handler? He clearly is not up to the job.

  8. Will there be contact tracing and notifications? I agree with the call to “bring back Mike” (Handler) for the good of our community. This is not the time to be left without a supremely well qualified and trusted emergency manager.

  9. I don’t live in New Canaan anymore, but if I still did I would sure hope we had Mike Handler in his spot !!!

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