Local Businesses and COVID-19: Le Boudoir

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For today’s Q&A with a local business owner, we hear from El Mamoune Tazi of Le Boudoir. The blow dry bar opened five years ago on Main Street.

Here’s our exchange.

New Canaanite: The past several months have been very difficult for many businesses. How are you doing at Le Boudoir?

Mamoune and Alena Tazi, owners of Le Boudoir at 160 Main St. in New Canaan. Credit: Michael Dinan

Mamoune Tazi: At Le Boudoir we tried taking the opportunity of the shutdown to rethink Le Boudoir. Being a business that is open 7 days a week, in a fast paced environment, making changes is a very challenging task, so being closed for 3 months allowed us to renovate the location, and focus on ways we can make the customer experience better and safe in our current situation.

How is the experience at Le Boudoir different now than it was in the past, in terms of what you’ve done to meet health guidelines to limit transmission of the COVID-19 virus?

Our goal at Le Boudoir is to provide the highest level of safety;  we are following the guidelines and are strict about it. However as a customer service business our goal is to make clients have time for themselves and not feel like they are in a hospital. All mandatory formalities are automated and contactless to remove any friction or annoyance that could potentially diminish the customer experience.

Inside Le Boudoir in New Canaan.

What is your sense now of Le Boudoir’s ability to outlast the crisis?

Adjustment and resilience are crucial for Le Boudoir Future.  Innovation is embedded at Le Boudoir’s culture and DNA, and this crisis has only been a catalyst in our innovation process, which will ultimately benefit our clients in a positive way.

What is your message for customers?

2020 has been quite a year for all of us. The silver lining is that we all went through the  same thing, experiencing fear, hope, joy, sadness and even anger. That makes all of us businesses and consumers have much more in common than we have ever thought. Le Boudoir is committed to make your smile a little bigger and make you feel gorgeous. Because after all, you deserve it, unapologetically.

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