Minor Injuries After Collision, Rollover on Silvermine Road


One person was transported to Norwalk Hospital with minor injuries following a two-car accident Saturday at the intersection of Silvermine Road and Carter Street.

Scene of an accident at Silvermine Road and Carter Street on May 7, 2016. Photo published with permission from its owner

Scene of an accident at Silvermine Road and Carter Street on May 7, 2016. Photo published with permission from its owner

At about 6:12 p.m., firefighters, police and EMTs responded to the scene of an accident that included a rollover onto the corner out front of 4 Carter Street.

It wasn’t clear what caused the accident—spokespeople for the fire and police departments were not immediately available—though the intersection there with its limited sightlines has been on the radar of local traffic officials for years.

Officials with a work group that addresses traffic-calming matters have sought to increase the “skew angles” of the two town roads, so that instead of shooting straight across Silvermine Road, motorists coming from Carter would make a right onto 106 and then queue up to make a left onto Canoe Hill.

Though state officials have said they support the plan (Route 106 is a state road), they also have called for a traffic engineering study to ensure that the change would create no traffic problems.

Last month, during a discussion of the intersection within the Traffic Calming Work Group, officials said that the state had talked about putting off installation of traffic flashing-light beacons there until a study gets done.

6 thoughts on “Minor Injuries After Collision, Rollover on Silvermine Road

  1. Worst intersection- cannot understand why there is no 4 way stop sign. People drive like maniacs there too.

    • It is very hard to get the state to agree to any change on one of its roads that would result in stopping traffic. In this case, I have never heard anyone suggest creating a four-way stop—I would imagine town officials would be against that change, since motorists traveling 106 in either direction would not expect to come upon a stop sign.

      • I grew up, and my father still lives on the lower part of Canoe Hill. It is by far the most dangerous intersection in New Canaan. This is not the first accident nor will it be the last. Not many people know how to navigate such an intersection and certainly not young drivers. The state should put in a blinking light or stop sign in order to protect its citizens, but we all know that won’t happen!

  2. A light would be good. 106 has lots of traffic and Carter and Canoe only have occasional cars. Put a light with a sensor. Most of the time, the 106 direction would be green and the cars won’t have much impact.

  3. I have always thought that a traffic circle would be an excellent idea in this intersection. It keeps traffic moving, albeit much slower, and the intersection is large enough to handle it. They seem to work well in other towns!

  4. We have lived at 4 Carter Street for 18 years, and are quite familiar with the Carter Street/Silvermine 106/Canoe Hill Road intersection and traffic patterns.

    Laura Dobbin’s suggestion is, in our opinion, the best to “calm traffic” at this intersection.

    Nearly all of the accidents and near accidents we have witnessed or learned of at this intersection have been the result of excessive speed by drivers on Silvermine 106.

    Until this, or an “all around better” solution can be effected, we respectfully request that all drivers observe the Silvermine 106 posted speed limit, and that the New Canaan Police Department assiduously enforce the same road’s speed limit at this intersection.

    Charles & Sarah Robinson

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