Neighbor of Planned Affordable Housing Project Arrested After Getting Physical with Developer


A neighbor of the planned 8-30g affordable housing complex at Weed and Elm Streets was arrested by warrant last week after getting physical during a confrontation with the project’s developer, court records show. 

Gregory Moore of Elm Street was charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor offense. 

According to an arrest warrant application filed by New Canaan Police Officer Erica Morey and signed Aug. 29 by state Superior Court Judge Bruce Hudock, NCPD has been called “multiple times” since April regarding Moore’s shared driveway and a sewer easement.

On Aug. 22, police were alerted to the following comment that Moore posted on in thread that included Karp Associates founder and President Arnold Karp and COO Paul Stone, the application said: “Anytime u2 would like to meet me alone and ‘discuss’ any of this just name the time and place.”

That same day, Sgt. Roberto Lopez and Officer Sebastian Obando went to Moore’s house to talk to him. There, “Moore made multiple concerning comments,” according to the arrest warrant application, obtained by

“When Ofc. Obando told Moore that he does not want things to escalate, Moore stated ‘Oh it’s gonna escalate,’ ” the application said. “Moore then stated ‘Tell that mother[expletive] anytime anywhere, anytime anywhere!’ He then proceeded to state ‘I’m telling them to watch the [expletive] out.’ Moore also stated ‘One more thing out of this guy and it’s a problem.’ And lastly, Moore ended the conversation by stating ‘Anytime, anywhere, to have a non-physical, initially, discussion.’ ”

Two days later, on Aug. 24, Lt. Aaron Latourette and Officers Robert Rizzitelli, Emily Clark and Morey were dispatched to the shared driveway for a trespassing complaint.

“We spoke to the residents of the shared driveway on Elm St regarding the issues about the easement on 313 Elm St.,” the application said. 

A different neighbor on the driveway had called police to say that Karp, Stone and a third Karp Associates employee “were walking on the easement.”

“It should be noted that Karp and Stone own the property at 751 Weed St, which allows them access to the aforementioned easement due to a sewage pipe that runs from the common driveway to his property located behind the properties of 313-315 Elm St.,” the application said. 

The Karp Associates employees told police that “Gregory Moore had confronted them and become physical,” it said. 

The arrest warrant application continued: “It should be noted that Moore left his residence at 315 Elm St and went to the opposite side of 313 Elm St’s property to confront them. It was stated that Moore came up to them on the easement and started yelling, pushing and grabbing them. Moore put his face and chest against Stone’s, and bumped into him multiple times. Moore threw both Stone and Karp’s phones as they tried to record, and Moore made contact with Karp’s face. More was baiting them by yelling ‘hit me’ and ‘[expletive] you.’ ”

Two people, a 45-year-old woman and Moore’s wife, “had to pull him back to prevent him from further action towards Karp and Stone,” the application said.

Police then viewed a video taken by one of Karp’s employees. On it, “[i]t can be seen and heard that Moore was the aggressor and approached them in the manner stated above,” the application said.

“Moore can be seen in the video bumping his chest into Stone’s arm,” it said. “Moore stated, ‘What’s your [expletive] problem?’ and [the woman] can be seen putting her arm across Moore’s arm and pushing him back. Moore then stated, ‘Why don’t you hit me’ as he is stepping towards Stone. Stone responded ‘I don’t want to hit you.’ Moore also stated ‘What are you doing on this property’ and Karp responds ‘You know what we are doing here, just ignore him.’ Moore is then seen leaning into Stone’s face and says ‘Go [expletive] yourself, you want to follow my wife around again.’ Stone responds ‘What are you talking about.’ [The woman] is seen stepping in front of Moore and backing up into him to get him to move away from Stone. You can hear [Moore’s wife] repeatedly saying ‘Greg, Greg, Greg.’ Moore then states ‘You dumb [expletive].’ Stone took out his phone and was holding it in his hands in front of his body and Moore is seen reaching over [the woman] and grabbing the phone out of Stone’s hands with his left hand and throwing it into the shrubs. As [his wife] is pulling Moore away he stated ‘Punch me, punch me.’ ”

Moore’s arraignment is scheduled for Sept. 20. 

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