5 thoughts on “Re-Digging Up Roads: Water Company Plans To Install New Main Line in New Canaan

  1. Yes! More suspension repairs! Buy auto stocks now!

    If only electricity, cable, phone, water, sewer and gas companies communicated with each other through the vision of a town council, we could have an advanced utility setup that is resistant to outages from storms and is cost effective in the long run. But that would be wishful thinking!

  2. I drive throughout New Canaan every day all day long for work and every day I have to figure out new routes to avoid the Eversource digging and subsequent closed roads and traffic. I thought it would be coming to an end soon. I cracked an axel going over a pot hole left by the construction and my car was unfixable. And now a new water main line is going in and it’s going to take three years?! UGH!!!

  3. Very disappointing that Eversource the Gas Company can’t coordinate projects with Eversource the Water Company (yes, Aquarion is owned by Eversource). Can town officials get Eversource to lay out its projects plans for the next 15 years so they can spend our money efficiently?

  4. Was the “resiliency problem” explained in detail? There are some stated costs and inconveniences associated with this project. What are the benefits? Do they include reducing the need to declare watering restrictions when only mild drought conditions occur?

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