New Canaan Woman, 60, Charged in Theft of Packages


Police on Tuesday morning arrested a 60-year-old Millport Avenue woman by warrant and charged her with sixth-degree larceny.

On Aug. 25, 2021, officers took a complaint regarding the theft of several packages from the common entrance area of a building at 59 Millport Ave., according to a police report.

Through an investigation that included video surveillance of the area, police identified the woman as the person who had stolen the packages belonging to the victim, the report said.

Police obtained an arrest warrant for the larceny of four packages valued at $125.72 for the misdemeanor charge, it said.

The woman turned herself in to police at about 9:03 a.m. on Aug. 9. 

She was released after promising to appear Aug. 22 in state Superior Court. 

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    • I guess because people make mistakes and there is no reason to ruin someone’s reputation and chances of getting a job or a date because of a lapse in judgment, especially when what follows from an online news article is not intended by the criminal justice system. It is not the job of the news to create new problems for people. Our job is to expose lying elected officials (especially the highest elected official in a town), cronyism in government (such as trying to keep party members on municipal bodies despite domestic violence arrests), misspending taxpayer dollars (such as snubbing our veterans while funneling money to tacky ice rinks and cheaply designed marketing websites that nobody reads) and entitled narcissists who violate parking regulations, as well as celebrating actual unsung heroes, sharing the town’s history and spotlighting local businesses (by businesses I mean those owned and run by people who work, as opposed to, say, boards and commissions hijacked by stupid people who live under the delusion that they know better).

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