2 thoughts on “Objections Filed to Town’s Application for Relief from State Affordable Housing Law

  1. This is great. A moratorium is the equivalent of systemic racism. Initially I was a supporter of the “Save Weed St” movement, but slowly came to the realization that it is nothing but a veiled attempt at systemic racism. We can still “save” Weed St by moving the driveway in question to Elm St and changing the address as this lot is a corner lot.

    • Avinash – here is an interesting document from Stamford which brings up a series of issues https://www.stamfordct.gov/home/showpublisheddocument/7780/637611959740370000. I appreciate the data is not fully updated post-pandemic but it still is a worthy document. In my view an interesting point is the racial / economic groups that are moving into these new (large) structures as racial disparities and perhaps prejudice are often brought up with regards to new projects. While Stamford is (very) different than New Canaan I would not be surprised if we saw similar demographics and economic backgrounds when it comes to who moves into new large scale multi-family buildings being put up in New Canaan. I would highlight 2 other equity like issues 1) the potential economic value of home ownership vs. rental and how this is demographically distributed and 2) Naturally occurring affordable housing and what happens to it and the residents living there during the redevelopment process.

      The question before us as a town (and state) is how do we want to address these challenges. My personal view, and what I have expressed in public, is we follow the town plans as set out in our POCD as well as town affordable housing documents. These documents are frequently updated (I expect the POCD needs to be update shortly and the affordable housing document was just revised and can be revised at any time). Such public documents and policies provide a level playing field for all (developers, homeowners and renters). It should be noted that we have had 8-30g for 30+ years so this is not a surprise legal issue to longtime residents or developers (of which I am neither). Questions have come up as to why those town plans were not followed, as well as what is next after Canaan Parish is completed. We still don’t get much of an answer on that.

      There should be much more public openness to address the issue and details of affordable housing and as I have also said I am more than happy to take part in such a constructive public dialogue, and I know many others in this town are as well.

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