Op-Ed: Through Difficult Times, NCHS Community Makes This Graduate Proud to Be a Ram


I’ve always been proud to be a Ram.

From our strong sports programs, leading to many a state championship to our excellent academic reputation, being a graduate of New Canaan High School is something that I’ve always appreciated and honored to be a part of. I’m proud of our school spirit and proud of everything else in between, but there is something that stands out the most when I think about New Canaan High School in general.

The community that NCHS builds and has nurtured is something that stretches and continues way past your four years there. We all support each other, student to staff, no matter what. The deep love and respect that is present between our relationships with peers, faculty, and alumni is something very special. This unique relationship is something that I believe to be very rare for most high schools.

When something tragic happens, it is easy to feel lost and confused. Yet, with a community like NCHS behind you, it makes the hard times a little bit easier. I’ve seen this directly many times, such as with the losses of Ms. Kay Timmis and most recently with Ms. Kelly Devine.

With the recent passing of Ms. Devine, I find myself getting choked up reading the all the kind tributes and articles that people share on social media about how much she meant to them and to our school. I get goosebumps reading about how much of an impact she had on all of our lives, regardless of whether or not you had her as a teacher.

Hearing the individual stories about how much of an impact she had on everyone’s lives is something so special and a true testament to the person that she was. Ms. Devine was a strong example of what it means to be a New Canaan High School Ram.

Losing someone so valuable is very hard, but the love and mutual respect we share for those close to us is something that is so special. I’m so thankful that New Canaan High School has created a community that allows us to come together in good and bad times, to lift each other up and celebrate the people that make New Canaan such a great place to call home.

Going to school in the Midwest has deepened my appreciation for the support system that is NCHS. I’m thankful for the memories and the many great privileges that have come from my time at NCHS and I know that NCHS is continuing to have a huge impact on its current students, as it did with its alumni.

As always, I’m proud to be a Ram and Hail NC!

Lauren Serena, NCHS Class of ‘14

3 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Through Difficult Times, NCHS Community Makes This Graduate Proud to Be a Ram

  1. This is a wonderful testimonial to your town, your school, your family and you, Lauren. Character is born, but champions are made. It takes a village…

  2. In my tribute to my daughter Kelly at her funeral today, I thanked Michael Dinan for the wonderful article he wrote about her this week.

    • Jay, I attended service today and was incredibly moved that you would think to include me among those you thanked for supporting your family this past week. It meant more to me than you could know.

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