Parking Commission Upholds $30 Ticket for Loading Zone Violation


Here's the loading zone at South and Elm.

Town officials are upholding a $30 ticket issued to a motorist who parked in a loading zone on South Avenue.

In a written appeal for the ticket issued at 10:15 a.m. on Oct. 28 (a Friday), Sarah Becker said she misinterpreted the sign designating the loading zone.

“I assumed it meant no parking beyond the sign, especially since there was a car parked behind me,” Becker said in a written appeal submitted to the Parking Commission. “This is my first ticket in New Canaan and I would appreciate it if it was voided. Or, I’d be willing to compromise and pay half.”

During their regular meeting held Dec. 8 via videoconference, members of the appointed body voted 5-0 to uphold the ticket. 

“She is saying she thought the sign pertained to parking beyond the sign,” Commissioner Drew Magratten said.

Parking Manager Stacy Miltenberg noted that beyond the loading zone sign—located just below the intersection at Elm Street, on the west side of the street—is the driveway that runs up toward Bank of America.

Magratten additionally noted that there are clear lines on the street.

Magratten, acting Chair Jennifer Donovan, and Commissioners Nancy Bemis, Kevin Karl and Marley Thackray voted to uphold.

The town recently re-designated loading zones on Main and Elm Streets as 15-minute spaces in order to accommodate delivery people as well as those picking up items quickly from stores downtown. 

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