2 thoughts on “Parks & Rec Proposes Food Trucks at Steve Benko Pool, Kiwanis

  1. Right now there is no concession stand open at all at Kiwanis Beach to offer any refreshments. Absolutely none.

    The only “refreshment” available is a water fountain with a water bottle refill station. We can do better at this beautiful beach that has been in New Canaan for 60 years.

    Please write to:


    Kiwanis Beach is an attraction for children under the age of eight, offers zero clearance swimming, plenty of space to spread out and build sand castles, beach umbrellas, a wonderful relaxing place for seniors to chill on beach chairs, and recreation events like Harry Potter Day, birthday parties, Story Time on the Beach.

    The Kiwanis Beach Pass is just $15 per family.
    No cost for seniors aged 62 and over
    And $75 for out-of-town families

    For more information and to purchase beach passes:


    • Since Kiwanis has no refreshment stand open at all, a food truck sounds like an option that might work. People want to eat and drink while there. Another thought is that perhaps a caterer could provide premade salads, sandwiches, cold soups, ice cream, and drinks which would be delivered daily. Supermarkets do that now…like a grab & go quick lunch. Personnel would need to be hired to sell the items.
      Like Betty said in her letter above, Kiwanis is a great park for kids to play in the sand and on the playground. Our son loved it over there when he was little. It needs to be promoted more by the town since people do not know about our “hidden gem”. The price is definitely a bargain also!

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