PHOTOS: Fire from Parked Car Sparks Blaze in Merritt Apartments Garage on Saturday Night


A fire that started with an unoccupied, parked car in a 4-bay garage on the edge of downtown New Canaan Saturday evening led to a blaze that burned through the structure’s roof, officials said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, though no foul play is suspected, according to New Canaan Fire Department Capt. Mike Socci.

No one was hurt, though the fire caused property damage, including to the early 1960s-model Chevy Nova where it appeared to have started, he said.

“The garage was full of plastic and hydrocarbons and due to what was burning and the sudden smoke, there were some personal belongings that did get ruined,” Socci said.

After smoke was detected in the area, firefighters received a call around 6:40 p.m. and knocked the fire down quickly, he said. The garage in question is located well within the Merritt Apartments complex, accessible by Maple Street, not far from Mead and Park Streets.

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