PHOTOS: NCHS Senior Internship Program, through the Lens of Kayleigh Pace


The Senior Internship Program (SIP) is opportunity for NCHS seniors to take what knowledge they’ve gained in four years outside of the classroom and into the real world for the last month of the school year. From May 18 to June 17, 80 seniors are dispersed throughout New Canaan and Fairfield County working in a variety of different fields such as medicine, retail, business, teaching and many others.

The four-week program runs throughout the hours of the typical school day in which seniors work between 20 and 25 hours a week. Organized by NCHS College and Career Center Coordinator Susan Carroll, each of the students participating in the unpaid internship program are working at pre-approved worksites in fields that they are interested in partaking in the future. Kayleigh Pace, a senior intern for Jane Beiles Photography, took the pictures above (and Jane took a couple, too) to give a glimpse of what many interns are taking part in at their work sites.

Here’s more on this talented young photographer:

Kayleigh is a Senior in the class of 2015 at New Canaan High School and is participating in the Senior Internship Program. She has served as a varsity gymnastics captain, is a National Charity League member, and has her photography a part of the NCHS permanent art collection. Kayleigh is currently interning at Jane Beiles Photography and aspires to continue her interest in fashion photography in the future. She will be attending Brooks Institute of Photography located in Ventura, California in the fall of 2015.

2 thoughts on “PHOTOS: NCHS Senior Internship Program, through the Lens of Kayleigh Pace

  1. This is a terrific program, and I hope that many seniors will take advantage of the opportunity to move out, move on and make a difference….even for a short time. Who knows, it might change their lives because they will know more than they did! Kudos to all who helped to organize the program and receive interns. And thanks to Kayleigh and Jane for informing the community with the article and wonderful photographs.

    • Thank you for commenting Alan! How kind of you to write in with positive feedback. This is my fourth consecutive year hosting a NCHS senior intern and it has been a terrific experience. Kayleigh is marvelously talented and her enthusiasm and hard work make me so happy to witness the promise of this rising generation!

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