12 thoughts on “Podcast: Board of Ed Candidate Matt Campbell

  1. All I hear are solutions in search of problems that do not exist in New Canaan. Addressing the disparity between boys and girls in academic achievement? A data point presented to the BOE just this week is interesting–NCHS boys outperformed girls on the SATs last year. Get rid of SEL bc it is a Trojan Horse fot DEI? Putting aside what one might think of DEI– How does the mood meter or RULER do that?

    The truth is, if you listen to any successful person when they talk about teachers who had an impact on them, it is usually mostly about the social-emotional aspect in conjunction with skills they taught — its never they killed it in teaching me quadratic equations and that is why I am where I am today. Good teachers have always incorporated SEL in their classrooms–now we can and have expanded that more broadly to better all of our students.

  2. Outstanding job! Thank you Matt for your honest approach to such important topics that truly affect our children and their success. Best of luck!

  3. Impressive everything Matt. Incredibly thoughtful and direct the way you approach complicated topics with positive energy and a focus on keeping the schools in New Canaan great.

  4. Glad to have people like Matt running for BOE! He has a strong moral compass and is a servant leader. Our kids will be in good hands with Matt on the board.

  5. I look forward to casting my vote for Matt!

    Transparency around curriculum is important. Parents who want that are obviously not asking to write curriculum, only to have an appropriate and open process for what is selected and implemented.

    Clearly, the state supports this idea by specifically legislating that Boards of Education form curriculum committees, and also approve textbooks by 2/3 vote.

  6. First of all – I am so sorry your daughter had that experience with the essay assignment. That should never be the case in any of our classrooms. The two classes you singled out happen to both be classes where NCPS has no control over the curriculum- one because it’s nationally standardized and one because it gives UConn credits to the kids who successfully complete it. Many schools, including some in our local area, have decided to no longer offer any AP classes because they do not like the rigidness that comes with quite literally teaching to a test. If elected would you be pushing to end AP offerings at our high school too?

  7. We all come from somewhere, have our own life stories and folks who lent support and created pathways to help us “make it”. The notion that helping others, understanding people different from us, being open to learning history, means taking something away from someone else is frankly an indication of an agenda that does not match New Canaan Values. Voters should absolutely listen to this podcast and form their choice for who will serve our children best.

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