3 thoughts on “Election 2023: Republicans Back Dionna Carlson for First Selectman; Contested BOE, Town Council Slates Set

  1. Ideal outcome for New Canaan: a landslide 60%. Congratulations, Dionna.

    Thank you to the New Canaan caucus for this wisdom and clarity.

    Thank you to Kevin for your service and to Kim for the spirited campaign.


  2. Ideal outcome for New Canaan would be solutions by either Republicans or Democrats to resolve some of our pressing issues (Affordable HSG, 8-30g, Cell Towers , Transparency about past shady real estate deals and what Town Officials involvement in said Deals were).

    What exactly has our Republican leadership done the past several years?Anything substantive? Democrats?

    So far just the usual finger pointing. Republicans at Hartford politicians, Dems at republicans.

    I am unaffiliated but personally involved with 751 Weed as an abutting neighbor. I am astonished at what has transpired in this town on many levels.

    I would urge citizens on both sides to meet with ALL candidates and ask what their strategy is? How will they adapt to the curve balls that will come their way? What have they done in past rolls to represent the wishes of New Canaanites?

    Good Luck to all Candidates across all positions.

  3. Managing by consensus is impossible. There will always be skeptical, opposing, contrarian, irrational and Nimby viewpoints to every issue. Therefore, I question the feasibility of Ms Carlson’s platform.

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