Podcast: New Canaan Health Director Jenn Eielson on COVID-19

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New Canaan Director of Health Jennifer Eielson.

This week on 0684-Radi0, our free podcast (subscribe here in the iTunes Store), we talk to New Canaan’s director of health, Jenn Eielson, about COVID-19 data, contact tracing, mask-wearing and how local businesses are faring.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: New Canaan Health Director Jenn Eielson on COVID-19

  1. Thanks for the interview – very helpful and more importantly a huge thanks to Jenn and the entire team!! One piece of data that I think would be helpful for the town to see on a regular basis is the number of actual active cases we have in town as of that day. This is important as it would show the extent of the disease in the town. This will also will help us (all) manage any increase that may come over the coming weeks or months, i.e. we will get new cases but people will also be getting better (hopefully) at the same time, so what is our net situation at any point in time.

  2. Agree. Since we are not getting calls in a timely manner when cases happen, they could at least post timely case numbers….so we can act accordingly. .

  3. The call outs have been disjointed with information basically buried. We need timely information, with demographics, and active cases in our community. The fact that we had 9 new cases since July 4th weekend is a little troublesome.

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