5 thoughts on “Board of Ed To Seek Up to $2 Million in Additional Funding for Upcoming Academic Year

  1. As a former Chairman of the Board of Education and the Chairman of the Search Committee that hired Superintendent Luizzi, I’m fully confident that Dr. Luizzi has done everything his administration can do to maximize our resources and minimize expenditures in a time of unprecedented chaos.

    These are incredibly difficult times, for all of us. But our vaunted school system is the bedrock of our community. Support for our schools is paramount. Thankfully, in my many years of government service I’ve grown to understand that the vast majority of New Canaan citizens – silent and otherwise – understand that.

  2. Nick, you are right on the money. The schools are the bedrock of our community. These are extraordinary times. I have faith in Bryan Luizzi and that he is looking out for the best interest of the children in our town. I fully support additional funding this year to get us through the pandemic with as little negative impact to the students of New Canaan as possible.

  3. Wondering if there have been savings in the transportation and food part of the BOE budget for this year due to the virus issues.

    • Paul if you mean the fiscal year ending June 2020 as noted above “Due to the closure of school buildings March 12, the district underspent by about $2 million last fiscal year, Luizzi said ”. So this is essentially requesting those savings be made partially available for preparing schools this upcoming year.

  4. Paul raises a good point: hundred of thousands a year are spent on mileage and travel allowance, conferences/travel, field trips, and offsites. Note also that many of those who would have you believe taxpayers funds were spent efficiently routinely spent taxpayer money well above inflation during their years on the BOE. Look at the data instead of assuming these people are right.

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