Public Works Plans Spring Road Repaving Projects

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[Note: I corrected the spelling of ‘Laurel Road’ which I had originally as ‘Laura Road.’]

Public works officials are homing in on nearly 20 local roads to be repaved this spring.

Those on the list that are definite for paving projects include Colonial Road, Country Club Road West, Deep Valley Road, Dunning Road, Little Brook Road, Wakeman Road and Welles Lane, according to Tiger Mann, director of the New Canaan Department of Public Works. They’re roads that have never been repaved in Mann’s 20 years in the department.

He reviewed the plans in a Feb. 15 update with the Town Council Infrastructure & Utilities Committee. 

Funds are in place to get the roads done, Mann said, and they’re well away from planned natural gas main line installations, so they won’t be re-dug as part of Eversource’s project.

Aquarion plans to install new water mains on Wahackme Road, Field Crest Drive and Village Drive, so they’ll also get resurfaced following that work, Mann said. 

Wahackme is new and the water company will need to fund that resurfacing, though “Field Crest and Village already got annihilated by the gas [main installation] and they were already on my list,” Mann said.

The resurfacing project will dovetail with other road improvements that will be completed in July (see list below). Asked how he decides which roads to prioritize, Mann said criteria include what’s left to do on a master list, the road’s condition, proximity to other roads on the list, traffic volume and whether there’s existing or planned construction. 

“We don’t want to be there while they’re already going in, we want to get [resurfacing] done after,” he said.

These three roads are getting a Cape Seal during 2019:

  • Beacon Hill Road
  • Bickford Lane
  • Transfer Station Access Road

These eight roads are getting a micro-thin overlay:

  • Barnegat Road
  • Dan’s Highway
  • Forest Street
  • Marshall Ridge Road
  • Parade Hill Lane
  • Sunrise Avenue
  • Valley Road (from Osborn to Benedict Hill)

And these 23 roads are getting a cracksealing treatment this year:

  • Apple Tree Lane
  • Bald Hill Road
  • Beech Road
  • Benedict Hill Road
  • Betsy’s Lane
  • Bob Hill Lane
  • Cedar lane
  • Danforth Drive
  • Evergreen Road
  • Fawn Lane
  • Fox Run Road
  • Gower Road
  • Hawthorne Road
  • Indian Rock Road
  • Journey’s End Road
  • Lantern Ridge Road
  • Laurel Road (Canoe Hill to Soundview)
  • Lost District Drive
  • Meadow Lane
  • Old Norwalk Road
  • Parting Brook Road
  • Partridge Road
  • Pequot Lane
  • Pheasant Drive
  • Pond View Lane 
  • Ponus Ridge (Greenley to Clearview)
  • Ramhorne Road
  • Rilling Ridge Road
  • Southwood Drive
  • Stonehenge Drive
  • Toby’s Lane
  • Turtle Back Lanes East and West
  • Turtle Back Road
  • Turtle Back Road South
  • Valley (Ferris Hill to Hickok)
  • West Hills Road

6 thoughts on “Public Works Plans Spring Road Repaving Projects

  1. Certainly,Lakeview Ave should be included on the list ! One of the most travelled road it is a mess !..School busses,cut= thru for trucks,ambulances, heavy town machines…..much traffic between New Canaan and Norwalk. Please come and see for yourself,and hopefully you’ll consider Lakeview Ave needy ,and will add it to your schedule..Jeannie Hart

  2. Lakeview Ave certainly needs to be fixed, but so does virtually every street that Eversource dug up & did such a lousy job of repaving.

  3. its mid June and i havent see one repaving crew out working the roads except for wahackme. as a road cyclist i cant tell you our roads are not in good shape. better than pound ridge but much worse than greenwich.

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