3 thoughts on “Q&A with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Luizzi: ‘Charting Our Course’ for This Academic Year

  1. Kudos to Dr. Luizzi and his entire team. One of the greatest sources of stress during this crisis has been the dearth of consistent clear communication from various leaders, but in my opinion we are not experiencing those issues in our school district. While things necessarily remain in flux, at least we can rely on regular and reliable information regarding school openings and protocol. Thank you all!

  2. I am a grandmother of three and I am very concerned that the schools will be opened at all in New Canaan. Do to spiking cases in our country I think that opening the schools locally will cause additional cases to our children. Can your plan guarantee that not one child will not get the virus? If you can’t guarantee that no child attending school will catch the virus, I would guess that you cannot. I have two grandchildren, twins who are boys and entering first grade. My granddaughter is nine and is entering 4th grade. I want my grandchildren to stay healthy. Opening our schools as our President is supporting is a huge mistake.

    • Hi Joanne – this is a very high mathematical standard you are asking for, and if we used such a standard on most anything we do in life I doubt anyone could deliver on that. We could also turn this around and ask can we guarantee nothing negative will happen to the 4200 students who will do distance learning instead of in-person for some time to come?
      I encourage you to read more about the plans from the school and data from the town and state where we now have many kids involved with group summer programs (many without masks actually) as well kids who have been in daycare for some time (Including the peak period of the pandemic).
      I believe your grandchildren have an option for distance learning which sounds like it could be a good solution. For our three children 2, 4 and 6 we would like them to be at in-person public school (For the 4 and 6 year old) as much as possible. I believe the school program outlined can deliver on both your wish as well as ours, and of course all of us want everyone to be as safe as possible but we need to understand that in life we have no guarantees – we just have to do our best.

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