Registrars: 2022 Canvass of Voters Underway


Town Hall in New Canaan, on May 20, 2021. Credit: Michael Dinan

Joan McLaughlin and John A. Amarilios, your Town’s Registrars of Voters, have begun the 2022 Canvass of Voters. Under current state law, the Registrars verify and update the current addresses and continued residency of New Canaan voters using the Annual Canvass of Voters.

Those voters who were reported to have moved from New Canaan, or had moved within town, or whose addresses could not be confirmed, along with those who have not voted since 2018 will receive notices.

Anyone who has received a notice is asked to return the notice, in the envelope provided, confirming that they have moved out of town, that they have moved to a new address in town ( Listing the new address), or that they wish to remain on the voter registry. Parents may speak for any children who no longer reside in New Canaan, but should also advise those children to register in their new location.

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