8 thoughts on “Still Standing: Selectmen Forgo Vote on ‘Mead Park Brick Barn’ Demolition, Opening Question of Board’s Powers

  1. This is not to be believed. The emperor has no clothes. Behind this god forsaken building stands one of the oldest, most magnificent trees in town. Instead of giving residents opposite a view of the beautiful park, you condemn then to this view. In addition to being a main thoroughfare to town and a very narrow street, you now add office and rental use? I’m horrified that the interests and wishes of the surrounding neighbors have been ignored for years. Exactly who are our town representatives representing?

    • Amen. Tear it down. Move on to other issues, Town Council. I can’t believe that demolishing this eyesore is still being discussed.

  2. Kudos to Nick and Kit!
    This building has not cost the town a cent; yet, once it’s gone, it will be gone forever. This Brick Barn has existed before there was a Mead Park and before any current resident moved to Richmond Hill Road.
    I support the New Canaan Preservation Alliance. According to their website the NCPA received a grant back in 2013 but the Town did not act on it and so the grant expired.
    Unfortunately the TC split vote of 6-6 with a tie-breaking vote to demolish by First Selectman Moynihan was taken BEFORE the NCPA
    gave their presentation. TC members and many residents (myself included) were not aware of the effort brought forth by this group nor the inaction by Town Hall since 2010 to assist with applications for grants. A grant was awarded 5 years ago, however, the Town’s inaction resulted in the expiration of this money. Many organizations would probably have thought “we can’t fight city hall”.
    I encourage all readers (thanks for reporting, Mike) to view the NCPA’s presentation given to Town Council:

  3. I am beginning to wonder if and how we will get rid of any of the so-called 57 buildings the town owns. We can’t get rid of an eyesore on Richmond Hill .road. We also brag about National Honor Society scholarship receipients ( 4) when Darien has 9. Might be time to curtail spending instead of just raising taxes.

  4. “And also that building was there before there was a Mead Park, and we should think about that.”
    Does Kit know that before Mead Park was there, the area was aptly named the “dismal swamp”. It was during that period that the service building was placed in that location.

    “there’s no reason to remove the building now, that its wartime history ties in nicely with the nearby Gold Star Walk, dedicated to the New Canaan men who served during World War II”
    What is the war time history referred to?

    Our town forefathers would be chuckling at the thought that this of all structures was the building selected for preservation while some of our great treasures fall without comment.

  5. It is often stated that there are 70,000 plus structures on the CT State Listing of Historic Places. That is correct. However, the Mead Park Brick Barn or Richmond Hill Garage is one of only approximately 45 industrial listed buildings, at least as of 2017.
    Go to savemeadparkbrickbarn.org for more info to sign our on-line petition!

  6. This is really choice of Mr Williams who last year voted “yes” on on the athletic fields contract even though he was aware that it had changed from what Town Council had approved. The end result was a million dollar cost overrun to tax payers.

  7. I live on Richmond Hill and my neighbors and I would like to see it restored. It may not look good now, but wait and see. I have new 110 units being built to my right and I’d like to see 110 plus years to my left.

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