2 thoughts on “First Selectman: Town To Create New Canaan ‘Tourism and Economic Development Commission’

  1. For example:

    Caffeine and Carburetors has been the perfect marketing vehicle and publicity engine for increasing economic and lifestyle awareness and has been a showcase for New Canaan for 10 years. I searched the entire NC municipal website and see no reference to it. In regards to tourism, C & C has brought tens of thousands of specialized and collector cars and over 100 thousand people to New Canaan over our tenure. It is my position that the Town of New Canaan has never fully capitalized on our influence.

    It is remarkable how much “pop” we create during and after each show. Hundreds of participants get local after each event. Just look at how many show cars you see downtown! These are immediate consumers dining, shopping and taking in the towns special character. Caffeine and Carburetors set the publicity and promotional template long ago.

    Further efforts such as the town website upgrade, plus the creation of the Tourism and Economic Development commission are great ideas

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