‘We Have Found the Right Person’: New Canaan Library Hires CEO and President

New Canaan Library has hired a Connecticut library director with more than one decade of experience in both small and large public libraries across the nation as its new CEO and president. Kimberly McNally, most recently the director of the Berlin Peck Memorial Library in Berlin, Conn., will start Feb. 1 in New Canaan, according to a press release. “A library is the center of the community and a place for growth and connection for everyone,” McNally said in the release. “The New Canaan Library, with its thoughtfully designed building and dynamic resources, is leading the way for how libraries in Connecticut and around the country can support their communities in new and exciting ways.

PHOTOS, VIDEO: ‘New’ New Canaan Library Opens to the Public

Some day soon—“it could even be today,” Town Council Chair Steve Karl said Tuesday morning, addressing a crowd of 300-plus people gathered outside the new New Canaan Library—a boy or girl “will walk through these doors and learn to read for the first time.”

“They’ll be holding their parents’ hands, and when they leave here they may leave with a book in the other hand,” Karl said. “Their eyes will be open and they will begin a journey of learning that will last a lifetime. It’s been a magical journey on the corner of Main and Cherry for 100 years now. I actually learned to read here, as well. When the ribbon is cut in a few short minutes, it will represent hundreds of thousands of hours in long-range planning, thoughtful design, hard work, gritty determination and literally a small army of people putting this together.”

More than three years after library officials unveiled a vision for a dramatically reimagined facility and campus, New Canaan Library opened its doors at 9 a.m. on Feb.