3 thoughts on “Library To Request Higher Town Contribution for Rebuilding Project; Proposed Allocation Still One Year Away

  1. The Town Building Evaluation and Use report identified 56 buildings that the Town is accountable to maintain. The Dude Solutions analysis of those buildings outlined the facility condition needs of those buildings over the next 25 years. The Five-Year Capital plan addresses those needs as part of responsible maintenance of our assets. Though the Town supports a major part of the Library’s operation expenses, the facility needs of the Library do not fall under the purview of the Town. Hence the process is for the Library to come before the governing bodies with a special request for funding the new facility.

  2. Yes, Penny there are very clear processes which we of course will follow, as the good community partners we are.
    As discussed, we plan to come to town at a point in the future, to discuss a Capital contribution to the library building.
    This will happen when we have all the information we need, and we will make a formal request as per the Town’s processes and policies.
    This will not happen this year.
    The process referred to in the article is the process for the 5 year planning document.
    We have followed that process as requested and as delineated by TNC.
    Meanwhile a very hard working group of volunteers will continue to raise Capital privately.

  3. I have never seen a fundraising project without a model or
    drawing for the public to see — and this $500,000 donor
    who put strings attached to the gift is odd
    The library needs all of our support — but was it not a former president of the library that got the library to pay double for his property
    which caused the town to contribute $400,000+ — not very good
    for the tax payers — so maybe we should see the scope of this project before the town starts writing blank check and again why does the Library have to be in the center of town — their land should be sold
    and the library be built on town land like in one of our parks

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