Letter: Trump Hasn’t Earned New Canaan Republicans’ Votes

To whom it may concern,

Since my family and I moved to New Canaan in December of 2001 we have felt welcomed by this community. Even though we immigrated here from Mexico, the bonds of shared community and friendship have never been deprived from us. We have strived to be strong citizens of our adopted country and our town, which is why I feel compelled to plead with the good people of New Canaan to not vote for Donald Trump this November. I cherish the conservative nature of New Canaan. A strong embrace of limited government and business friendly politics provides a necessary check on Democrats’ excesses, locally, statewide and nationally.

Letter: Best Practice for New Canaan

There are five Charter Revision questions on the ballot this Nov. 8. The one that has received the most attention is whether the first selectman of New Canaan should be the chairman of the Board of Finance or not. Currently, thefirst selectman, with the Board of Selectmen, appoints the Board of Finance members, chairs the meetings and casts a tie-breaking vote. Speaking from over 20 years’ experience in operations and compliance in the financial services industry, this is not optimal from an operational standpoint.

Letter: Accountability through Checks and Balances

The Second Continental Congress purposely rejected a model of single, unchallenged leadership and formed a government based on checks and balances. The constitution they created was hotly debated—as it should have been. As charged by the Town Council, the Charter Revision Commission took a look at our own Town Charter, and after extensive research and discussion, recommended 5 Charter–related questions to be put to town vote. Unfortunately, recent press coverage on a FOI challenge has been a distraction to healthy debate. The most controversial Charter question seems to be whether the first selectman should also chair the Board of Finance.

Letter: First Selectman Should Remain Chairman of the Board of Finance

On Nov. 8, our community will be asked to consider changes to the Board of Finance. Having worked extensively with various local government bodies and directly with the first selectman as part of the renovation of Dunning Stadium, and in planning for the continued development of athletic facilities in town, I am strongly opposed to these changes. In late May a number of community-minded leaders were brought together to address an urgent need to have the surface of Dunning Stadium at the high school replaced. Dunning was deemed by turf professionals to be imminently close to the end of its useful life.

Letter: Vote ‘Yes’ for Better and Effective Governance


As a member of the Charter Revision Commission, Town Council and, formerly, Board of Finance, I greatly appreciate the input and opinions of over 100 current and past elected and appointed officials, employees and the general public. Your voice matters—and on Nov. 8, your vote matters too. There are five ballot questions for your consideration. Question #3 asks if the Chair of the Board of Finance should be independent and elected from among the Board’s regular members—and not be the First Selectman, who would nonetheless remain as an ex-officio member.